Have you ever tried putting your palm on your shoulder? That is a weird question, you might say. But there is a TikTok user named Murphy who has found out that she can’t put her palm on her shoulder. Crazy, right? 

After her video went viral, people freaked out. 

It all seems to have begun earlier this month when TikTok user Lauren Murphy sharing a video demonstrating this phenomenon.

@murphygall#fyp If you can do it let me know!! #fyp #cantdoit #shoulder #hard #foryou

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Once Murphy’s video began gaining traction online, other people started attempting the move themselves and were stunned at their results.

Just like any other time we learn something new about our own bodies, people are in utter disbelief and are perhaps even feeling a little betrayed.

However, there are a select few out there who have tested the trend for themselves and discovered they can actually touch their shoulder.