Another TikTok user has expressed their frustration regarding the 9-5 work life. Many people on the platform have spoken out about the age-old work culture where employees have to click in at 9 am and sign out at 5 pm. But in today’s time when people are earning seven figures from platforms like YouTube and more, a regular day job seems like a stretch. In the wake of this, many people, especially between 20 and 30, are quitting to explore different tangents. Moreover, The U.S. Department of Commerce has coined a term for it – The Great Resignation. They calculated that some 47 million Americans quit their jobs in 2021. Now, a TikTok user, Julia Huynh, thinks that “something needs to change” about this cycle.

Huynh says, “I’m literally six months into my first corporate job and I already want to quit.” She explains that she doesn’t have a problem with the work she’s doing as it is ideal for her profile. Huynh also says that she loves her coworkers. She continues, “I literally feel like nothing has happened in the past six months.” However, her work timings can stretch from time to time. Huynh’s shift can sometimes be from 8 to 5  and sometimes even from 5 to 5. By the time she gets done with her work, she gets “so exhausted” that she “can’t do anything on the weekend anymore.”

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TikTok user blasts the 9-5 work cycle

“I’m not going to go through my entire life, working for like 40 years, and then I wake up one day…and I’m like, ‘wow it’s been 40 years and I have done literally nothing.” Now the burning question is – Why doesn’t she quit? The answer is the same for everyone – being broke. Huynh says, “I will not have any money, so how am I supposed to live? What am I supposed to do? I don’t understand!” Moreover, with different earning incomes that do not require fixed timings or being present in the office, a 9-5 job seems like a drag.

The stability that a job provides is unquestionable. However, one cannot look over the issues attached to it. Many users vibed with Huynh’s thoughts and the raging drawbacks the 9-5 work culture comes with.  One user said:

We need 3-day weekends

Another user coined a term for the 9-5 lifestyle sayings:

the depressing cycle

One more user who went through something similar wrote:

feel the exact same!

Another user thinks it’s on their generation to alter this cycle:

We as a generation have to change work culture