As more and more people are realizing that it is better to adopt a dog rather than buying one. The dogs who have been living in shelters are finding home rapidly. For a dog to find his/her forever home can make a huge difference. The state in which they were brought to the shelter and the state they transform into after finding a loving home is worlds apart. We hope, that as you scroll down and see these transformations, you realise that little care and lots of love can make a big deal in someone’s life.

#1 Koda Bear Is A Very Happy Pup Now

#2 So Glad Dobby Came Into My Life!! Big Thank You To

#3 From Kill Shelter To Furever Home

“They are likely suffering from anxiety and frustration from seeing and hearing other dogs all day without being able to interact,” Sunny explained.

“Dogs in the shelter have very little autonomy to make choices, as well as not being able to relax and sleep soundly with all the noise and commotion. While we all do our best to take wonderful care of all the dogs, a shelter environment will never be ideal for any animal.”

#4 A Good Bubba

#5 Pandora Became Penny!

An animal will take some time to adopt to the new family settling after being away for so long. “The best thing to do when bringing a dog home is to give them time to decompress,” Sunny said. “Their whole world just shifted to a much better, but completely different environment. Creating a routine and structure for them while also slowly introducing new things—like people and animal friends—is extremely beneficial for them.”

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#6 Rescue Dog

#7 From Fresno Bully Rescue To Now Almost 5 Years Later!

#8 Shelter vs. Now

#9 One Heck Of A Glow-Up If You Ask Me

#10 The Glow Up Is Real

#11 Shelter vs. Now

#12 Rescue Dog

#13 Miracle Dog

#14 …and That’s On Adopting. Love Works Wonders

#15 Heartly Loves Her Pink Pj’s

#16 My Rescue Stella

#17 Love Of My Life

#18 She Had A Bit Of A Glow Up

#19 I’m So Proud Of My Boy

#20 Loml. Smiley Boy Who Stole My Heart

#21 Sick Pup To Beautiful Happy Boy

#22 My Glow Up!!

#23 Shelter vs. Now

#24 From The Shelter To Having His Own Army

#25 Selly’s Transformation

#26 We’re Still Working On Some Things, But He’s Been Ours Since We Saw Him

#27 Winnie Joined Our Family On September 30, 2020 She’s An Angel! Today She Is 6 Months Old!

#28 Rescue Dog

#29 Chiuahua Rescue

#30 My Little Monky Lilac She Was Rescued In Georgia. Found On The Side Of Road With Freshly Cropped Ears At 9 Months And Broken Leg From Car

#31 Tater Tot’s Story Just Fits So Well With These Trend

#32 Rescued My Baby From Romania 9 Years Ago

#33 Rescue Dog

#34 A Very Happy Dog

#35 Love My Sweet Girl Nova