Only safety and love come to me when I think back on my early years. I was made to understand from infancy that I was part of a loving family who just wanted the best for me.

Unfortunately, not all kids enjoy this level of safety. Some children grow up in shelters and adoptive homes, never experiencing the joys of having their very own true family.

Thankfully, three brothers who were adopted by KC and Lena Currie of Sudbury, Massachusetts, will understand that precisely this Christmas.

Joey, 3, Logan, 2, and Noah, 1, who are biological brothers, were able to settle into their new forever home together on November 23 of this year—coincidentally National Adoption Day.

One year ago, KC and Lena officially adopted Joey, beginning their adventure as adoptive parents (who was two at the time).

According to Good Morning America, KC and Lena first saw Joey during a Children’s Friend-sponsored event.

Adoption Process:

Children’s Friend indicated it would be a suitable match because “we saw a picture of Joey,” according to Lena. “At the time, he was 18 months old.”

In the end, they adopted young Joey in March. But that was only the start.

Children’s Friend quickly called the Curries to inform them that Joey had a 6-week-old brother named Noah who also needed a home.

After quickly responding “yes,” KC and Lena discovered that there was a third sibling, Logan, whose adoption into another family had failed. The Curries saw that as a sign that someone was attempting to communicate with them.

Logan joined his brothers just a month after welcoming Noah into their home.

According to KC, “It was our instinct” to GMA. “Keeping the boys together was something that we were ultimately going to say yes to. They’ll have each other to lean on and share the journey together when they’re older and have questions.

Being parents to three children under the age of four has undoubtedly not been easy, but KC and Lena have accomplished something extraordinary by taking on the care of these brothers.

Joey, Logan, and Noah will now have the opportunity to grow up together, and they will also enjoy the enormous blessing of being part of a loving family.

It’s the first year and first holiday where everything is true and lasting, according to Lena.

KC continued, “Now we can start daydreaming about elementary school, athletics, and all those exciting things.

Wow, what a motivational tale! And undoubtedly, one that is making me cry.

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