Gender roles are defined by society in a very partial manner. The double standards of the society are reflected very frequent by people around the world. Recentky, the users on tumbler started discussing a topics about how men have become dissensetive about how men are abusive or violent towards women. Whereas, when the tables turn and a woman tarts to abuse a man, it is intolerant and horrifying for men to bear.

Sadly, double standards are a thing, and here’s a more or less unconventional one that certainly needs to change

Tumblr has been discussing the issue of violence, specifically how different people react to men-against-women violence compared to when the roles are reversed

bau-liya, a Tumbler user pointed out that how women are expected to bear the violence and misconduct that men do to them.

To this,s another Tumbler user shared his thoughts.

This Tumblr user shared some of their insights and conclusions on the matter

The tread was a superhit and has managed to go viral on the Internet.

And as it turns out, the issue has been around for a while, as evident from a newspaper comic from 1993

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