Thomas “Dynamite Kid” Billington is no more!


Thomas “Dynamite Kid” Billington passed away this Wednesday at the age of 60, WWE sadly announced.

Born in the environment of coal mines, Billington ran away to pursue a career in sports-entertainment. He was born in Lancashire, England. Though he was a little undersized, he had the dynamic determination and ferocity which earned him the title of “The Dynamic Kid.”

Source- Mirror

Despite his brilliance and wild aggressiveness, Dynamite Kid struggled in his early years at Stampede Wrestling in Canada. However, his big break came in Japan when he gave the audience some unforgettable matches against the Tiger Mask.

Dynamite Kid WWE’s career started in 1984 along with Davey Boy Smith, his cousin. They together formed one of the most legendary tag teams of their era. They were together called The British Bulldog and had an English bulldog (Matilda) as their mascot.

WWE and the entire sports entertainment universe send their condolences to Billy’s family, fans and all his loved ones.

Source- WWE

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