If there is one thing that we all have learned from high school, it’s competition. Surely, it’s a great thing because competition makes us a better person but unfortunately, it also makes us less kind. 

That’s why we totally love the instances where kids are trying to be a little kind to others without expecting anything in return. A similar incident has happened with Lee, a history teacher from Kentucky. He was totally surprised when a student asked him to give his 5 bonus points to another student with low marks. 

 “Our students, though often faced with difficult circumstances, never cease to amaze. They too can be hard-working, caring, and good,” Lee told us. 

Recently, a history teacher from Kentucky was surprised by a note he found in one of his student’s tests

“Students had played an interactive review game the day before, playing along on an app in an attempt to score points by answering questions concerning the exam content. Of course, he killed it, earning him 5 bonus points for the WWII exam.”

Lee was left in awe by the boy’s selflessness: “Most honor students cling to every point possible!”

The teacher decided to honor the student’s request. “No doubt a peculiar situation, but the points are his and he wishes to kindly gift them to someone else. Honored and granted! Another student scores 58% (needs 60% to pass). Boom, now 63%,” the teacher said.

“She was grateful for the mystery points and I pray she pays it forward. As is the ultimate lesson on the day. Ah, other questions to mind, “correct classroom procedure?”, I’m not sure. “Is being led by compassion, kindness, and love, ever considered a wrong answer?”. Oddly enough, the student has taught the lesson.”

Many people praised the boy for his kindness

However, not everyone agreed with the teacher’s decision to honor the student’s request