If you like cats, you might know one thing that these furry creatures just love to do. It is observing everything. Yes, every freaking thing. These super curious cuties always want to know what’s going on. That’s why cat owners always find themselves under constant surveillance. (Well, 24/7)

If you remember, there used to be a glass ceiling during ancient times. Even though if no such original ceiling exists now, people have given it a new definition. And we have found one such glass ceiling just for you. (You know we love you, right?)

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Remember the ceiling cat? Well, his ‘successors’ have recently been going viral on the internet

A Twitter user recently shared pics of what his friend’s shop looks like after putting up some glass ceiling panels in place of regular suspended ceiling tiles

A Taiwanese Twitter user, @SCMcrocodile, has created a sensation on the Internet after he has posted some pictures. The user has actually shared the pictures and videos of his friend’s shop that has got some weird and unique modifications. 

What his friend did he installed glass ceilings for his beautiful furry friends. The ceiling has so many glass panels and the cats seem to be there all the time. Most of the time these cats are chilling or just seeing what’s going on in the shop. 

His cats are seen casually chilling there, meowing at people and watching everything they do inside the store

These cats are not just there for surveillance. Yes, you have read that right. These beauties also do something else and i.e. enforcing order. 

People have started joking that these are ceiling cats 2.0/3.0, making for the perfect purrveillance system

After the pictures went viral, netizens came up with some hilarious comments. One of the users said that the true definition of CCTV—cat ceiling top view. There are more such users who have come up with more witty reactions.  

And it seems that the cats don’t just monitor, but could also shred an intruder to bits

This viral video has more than 178,900 likes on Twitter and over 67,000 retweets.

There’s also a video about these ceiling cats

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