A pro-life couple has gone viral after they put up a post on Facebook asking to let them adopt their baby in case they are planning to go for an abortion. Sarah Marie and Blake Thomas’s post soon went viral and loads of comments flooded their way.



The controversial topic of abortion continues to be primarily divided between two movements.

The pro-choice movement wants the option of abortion to be available. As per them, it should be at the option of the woman whether she wants to abort or not.

On the other hand, people who are pro-life want an end to all the abortions. They want to allow abortion only when a mother’s life is at risk. But some of the people are against even this.

For many pro-life advocates, they believe adoption is a positive alternative to abortion.

Sarah Marie and Blake Thomas’s post for choosing adoption over abortion has gone viral on Facebook. People praised them for their pro-life choice.

People who were adopted praised the couple for their big idea. They blessed the couple for their good deeds.


But some people raised the question of whether the couple is ready to pay the bills of hospitals of the expecting mother.


When Blake saw this comment, he said, “We certainly wouldn’t want finances to stand between someone and choosing life so we would do everything we could!”

Some others applauded Virginia couple for their action but said that they should leave it up to the women’s choice.


In a few follow-up posts, the couple said they were overwhelmed by the response and finalized adoption plans with one expecting mother.



The couple said that they were grateful to become parents again. However, this will not be the first baby they are raising through adoption. The Thomas family is raising a 1-year-old biological son together with 3-year-old Kayden, who’s been adopted through foster care.

Even after adopting the newest baby, they are still continuing to assist the expecting mothers in need.



Their post inspired other couples and they are making similar offers to adopt from the mothers who are planning to abort.

A lot of people thanked Sarah and Blake for what they were doing. Their offer brought a whole new face of the pro-life movement in attention.