Did you know that there is an online community that calls people to share pictures of mild vandalism? Sounds weird and interesting, right? We know! And the best thing is that people are actually sharing pictures and videos of mild vandalism here. This community has mindful, fully, and various other types of pictures. And you will like them.

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Here, you can find everything from the modified Wikipedia page, vandalized public sign to whatnot. We know you must be are all excited to see these pictures right now. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry and scroll down to see what people are up to these days. 

#1 Wholesomely Vandalized

A licensed clinical psychologist, named, Dr. Jeffery Chase has said that “vandalism to me is basically anger”. “It can be displacement — displacement in the technical sense is that [vandals] wish to do something against a more threatening object or individual, so they vent their anger on something safer.”

#2 I Don’t Want To Get Political But I Saw This And Either Way, It’s Funny

#3 Oink Oink

DoxBox, one of the subreddit moderators says that “mild vandalism is vandalism that is humorous but not overly damaging”. “Regular vandalism is costly to fix and malicious in intent. The sub is about mostly-harmless but humorous vandalism intended to make people laugh.”

Besides this, a fellow subreddit moderator also says that “recently, political posts have been at the top, but [they still] have to be funny and clever. Those seem to be the ones that make it the highest”.

#4 A Realtor You Can Depend On

“Posts do well the funnier they are, with the caveat that Reddit’s usual issues do sometimes interfere. Posting the same post at different times can have different results,” DoxBox added

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#5 Muslem Madlads On The Loose

#6 Vandalism Vandalised

#7 Some Fitting Tape Over The Sign

#8 No We Won’t

#9 Just A Piece Of Tape And A Sharpie

#10 Haven’t Read That One Yet

#11 Idk If This Counts

#12 That’s A Good Idea

#13 Genius Level 100

#14 Damn Fabric Worshippers

#15 Some Pretty Intense Vandalism In The Laundry Room, But Rules Are Meant To Be Broken

#16 It’s Not Wrong

#17 The Goggles Do Nothing

#18 Saw This More Accurate Vandalism A Couple Days Ago

#19 Jedi Wisdom

#21 Marge Tree

#22 Tis The Season

#23 I’d Totally Vote For This Guy

#24 Someone Changed The Covers Of Trump Jr.’s Book At Barnes & Noble

#25 Ah, KFC

#26 Just Do It

#27 Old Lady On A Brick Wall

#28 Victim Approved

#29 This Is Patric

#30 Yeah J O H N Do Your Work

#31 PP Pothole

#32 It’s Got My Vote

#33 Bill Posters Is Innocent!

#34 All Hail Kitty

#35 Made Me Laugh