If you are smart enough, you can find humor anywhere. And once you find it, don’t forget to share it with the rest of the world. But how will you do it? Well, that’s simple. You can run to a subreddit called Accidental Comedy because this is the place for anything that is unintentionally funny. 

Here are some of the popular posts that people have shared from around the world.

Sounds About Right

Tidying Up With Marie Kondo

He’s Just Not That Into You

Can He Help?

An Upside Down Ismart Charger


He Looks Stunning



Deleted Almost Immediately


But First, Epcot!

You Piece Of Garbage

A Totally Safe Place For Birds

The Real Winners

Expanding The Mount Everest List

At Least They Found Someone


Good Ad Placement

It’s Over, The War Is Over

Looks Like One Of The Guys Quit


Only In Strayla

Must Be Kansas

Kanye vs. The Future

Hmmm, This Mr. Rogers Doc Look Controversial

What Beautiful Eyes


Oh No

This Tweet From A “Sarah O’connor” That Terminator Fans Ate Right Up

Yes, It’s Invisible

Accidental Cookie Monster

Happy Family

 Are You There?

I Think This Guy Is Up To Something