A “How To” subreddit has been collecting random advice on “how to do anything and everything yourself”?

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If you are like me, in search of ways to make yourself do stuff by yourself, proving that you’re an independent responsible millennial adult, the chances are, you will like this subreddit.

The sub’s description says, it’s a place “where you can learn how to do anything and everything yourself! Need advice on how to start a podcast or how to fix your car? It’s all here from A-Z!” So if it seems like a promise, a whopping 2.9M followers prove it overdelivers.

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How To Find A Lost Dog

Hope This Is A “How-To” Helpful Resource!

How To Make Moss Graffiti

There are infinite tips on making the best out of this one hell of a crazy world out there on the internet. From changing flat tires to finding your lost pet out in the streets, every little situation seems to have a solution. But what if we look at one “how to” that is not about fixing things around us, but rather about making better use of ourselves?Well, becoming a better version of yourself starts from… well, you guessed it–yourself.

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How To Help People Learn Effectively With Patience And Compassion

One way to go about it is setting a goal for yourself in order to learn something. Turns out, it’s a key to long-term happiness, as it gives you both a long-term vision and short-term motivation. First off, it focuses on you and makes you the creator of your own life in a world where we too often believe in coincidences. No wonder many of those who accomplish their dreams, goals or resolutions become much more confident in themselves.

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Your journey of progress really depends on what kind of goal you set for yourself. It may be big or small, life-long, year-long or even a week-long goal. For some, it may be losing a few pounds, for others it’s getting promoted, learning a new language, running a marathon, overcoming a fear, you name it.

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Using Google Like A Pro

How To Self Rescue In The Event You Fall Through Frozen Ice

Another way to go about it is to try and become more useful to the people around you. The feeling that you are, in some way, useful to another human being is one of the most precious things that can boost your self-esteem, help the relationship, and give a sense of fulfillment. And to be so, you don’t have to be an inverter, entrepreneur or have a wall of diplomas.

The key to being useful to others is making them stand taller than you are. And it takes simple things like telling people their strengths when they forget about them, or helping them to avoid mistakes. Believing in others and telling them that is another way to empower those around you. Try listening without judgment as most often all people want is simply to be heard.

By doing that, we realize that our actions, our words, and our presence are capable of adding value to another human being’s life. And that is one hell of a life hack I wish to carry with me for years to come.

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