If you love romcom and have wanted popular movie and shows, you will be as happy as we are after seeing the images of this article. Usually, because of some plot twist, we do not get to see the happy endings of our favourite movies and tv-shows. We do she, small babies, at the end of many, but do not actually see the child grown into a beautiful teenager. Thanks to Hidreley Diao who brilliantly used artificial intelligence (A.I.), and combined the portraits of famous fictional couples and give us a glimpse of their biological children would look. Scroll down to see what he has created.

#1 Ross Geller And Rachel Green (Friends)

#2 Jack And Rose (Titanic)

#3 Frances Houseman And Johnny Castle (Dirty Dancing)

#4 Peter Parker And Mary Jane Watson (Spider-Man)

#5 Kim And Edward (Edward Scissorhands)

#6 Tony Stark And Pepper Potts (Iron Man)

#7 Vanessa And Wade Wilson (Deadpool)

#8 Fox Mulder And Dana Scully (The X-Files)

#9 Ginny Weasley And Harry Potter (Harry Potter)

#10 Danny And Sandy (Grease)

#11 Emmeline And Richard (The Blue Lagoon)

#12 Superman And Lois Lane (Superman)

#13 Sam And Molly (Ghost)

#14 Scarlet O’hara And Rett Butler (Gone With The Wind)

#15 Jane Foster And Thor (Thor)

#16 Edward Lewis And Vivian Ward (Pretty Woman)

#17 Kathleen And Joe “NY152” Fox (You’ve Got Mail)

#18 Satine And Christian (Moulin Rouge)

#19 Gabriella Montez And Troy Bolton (High School Musical)

#20 Edward Cullen And Isabella Swan (Twilight)