A dog is the most loving creatures on this planet, and no one can deny this. The amount of love and happiness they spread in our lives is uncountable. You have to just show them some love and care, and they’ll be loyal to you throughout their life. In tough times that we have been through, families who have dogs have not been depressed.

Today, we will make you meet an adorable poochie who spreads love to everyone he meets. Scroll down to see some warm photographs showing his affection.

Meet Wallace, the boy with a big heart.

He doesn’t shy away from any dog, no matter how big in size.

It’s fair to say that he was born to spread love since he has a heart-shaped nose!

Wallace is very gentle with other dogs. He can tell who wants a hug and who doesn’t.

“He first hugged his friend Charlie and we were blown away. They were hugging and kissing. Then he did it to a few other dogs he knows well and we realized it was a ‘thing.” His favorite things are morning and evening cuddles, playing fetch, and me chasing him around the house,”

Size and breed do not matter for Wallace. That’s why he also has a Great Dane best friend.

Here’s the cutest corgi hugging his dad.

Just look at the happy face with love in his eyes.

In these testing times where everyone is depressed and does not have a will to live, this corgi is full of love and life that you need.

He’s a total gem.