Don’t we all just love cute and sweet stories of two animals getting along and sharing an inseparable bond? Yes, of course, we do. That’s why we have brought one more story just for you. It’s about a rescued Pit Bull and a cat whose friendship is deeper than the ocean. 

Everything began after Maria decided to adopt Wesley, a pit bull who has spent his entire life in a shelter house. Because of his intimidating and angry expression, people hesitated to adopt this pit bull. But Maria was ready to give this adorable dog a permanent home. And we are glad that she did because Wesley has shattered all the myths of him being intimidating. 

After this, Maria also brought home a kitten, Wyatt who was rescued from the streets. Initially, Maria was a little skeptical about introducing two of her pets because of the popular “enmity between dogs and cats” belief. But when she introduced them, they showed that love and friendship can overcome any barrier because theirs did. 

Their friendship began with playtime and now they are best friends. While playing Wyatt can get a little rough but hopefully, Wesley is patient and loves his friend even after that. 

“Not only do they play with each other, but they have developed some human characteristics that will make you laugh,” says Maria.

“Wesley’s face, for example, is naturally expressive. It’s like a cartoon character. You can always tell what he’s thinking,” she told us.

Explaining about Wyatt, Maria told us that “every time he and Wesley hugs, the cat’s purr is so loud that it could wake up the neighbors.”

“I think I was attracted to both of them because of their strange characteristics,” Maria said. “And I think that’s also why they get along so well. They are both such special souls.”

Their beautiful and lovely pictures are already winning Instagram and they have over 170,000 people who follow their adventures.