If you have been wondering what it is like to be around a cat but are afraid of adopting one. Visit the My Cat Yugawara, an inn in Kanagawa Prefecture in Japan that allows visitors to have a trail by sleeping over with a cute cat.

Akihiro Ochi, the owner of MyCat Yugawara saw the opportunity to help people who wish to have a cat. If you do not know what it is like to spend space with a canine, the owner wants to offer you a surefire taste of what it is like to have a pet around you.

If you wish to have this experience, you can select a room of your choice and book it. But before that, you will have to visit the cat cafe, where the staff will analyze who comfortable their resident cats are with you.

“We, the staff, know the personality of each and every one of our cat “kids” because of how close we are. The cats are intelligent, friendly, obedient and quiet,” says Ochi. “We don’t operate for profit,” Ochi admits. “A large part of our income goes to maintaining the facilities, including feeding the cats and keeping them healthy.

They allow you to adopt cats as well. If the guests enjoy the sleepover and wish to adopt a cat, they would have to fill in the application form. Once that is done the staff will determine whether, both the guest and the cat are comfortable with each other and are good to go.