The Census Board of the United States reported that as per its findings about 40 million citizens of the United States are below the poverty line. The number holds true despite the fall in the poverty of the country in the recent years.

The effect of poverty is not deflected by the factors of age, gender, or city casting its effect on almost all the areas including education and employment.

Homelessness is the basic issue faced by the citizens of the United States who are living in poverty. People living on streets are noticeable and so are the difficulties they face.

These people live in varied circumstances are dependent upon the government for the programs and aid and also upon the local resources for the help.

Source: businessinsider

They also work for longer hours compared to others on smaller incomes in order to provide their families with the basic necessities.

With in increasing cost of living in the country, the citizens living in poverty are compelled to take shelter anywhere.

Homeless citizens residing in cities resort to using public spaces as residing place instead of shelters owing to the stringent rules as well as the eligibility requirements.

Because of this certain cities have created extra shelters for the winter season.Managing a large number of homeless people is a task for the authorities.

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Temporary shelters in such a situation provides the homeless people with a stable place to live in while the authorities arrange for more permanent places.

Childhood homelessness was at record high in 2014, with 2.5 million homeless children or one child in 30 was homeless.

Even the public houses fail to provide a permanent solution to these homeless people. There are issues of mismanagement and decay.

Source: BusinessInsider, BBCnews