Someone has once wisely said that if we get into an unexpected situation, the only way out is accepting it as our fate. That means if we cannot figure out how to respond to a situation, we must go with the flow. 

A Reddit community called “This Is My Life Now” with 881k members is asking people to share their experiences who enjoy “gifs or pics of people and animals accepting their uncommon situations”. This community was created in 2014. It is full of hilarious images of unusual situations. Scroll down to have a look. 

#1 Tigress Isn’t Amused

#2 Watchtower

#3 A Boston Terrier That Hates Getting Its Nails Clipped Is Resigned To Its Fate

In an interview, pet behavior expert Yuliia Popyk from Petcube told us “some similarities between humans and their pets are that they both need food and water, they both need shelter, and they both need love and attention. As simple as that – love is all we need.”

“But if we dig deeper, then it is important to say that humans and their pets share a special bond,” she said. Popyk explained that “pets provide us with unconditional love and companionship while we provide them with food, shelter, and care.”

#4 Liquid 4 Life

#5 Wholesome Doggos

#6 Sure, You Might Think You’re Goth, But Unless You Dejectedly Ride The Subway With Your Raven, You May As Well Hang Up Your Black Velvet Frock Coat And Hit The Beach

When we live with pets, share many physical and behavioral similarities with them. Popyk argues. “For example, we both have fur or hair, we both walk on four legs, and we both make similar vocalizations. We also have similar brain structures and hormones associated with emotion and bonding.”

#7 Ibex On The Chimney

#8 My Name Is Ned, Now I’m A Bed, And If I Ruffs, I Scare The Fluffs, I Cannot Move, I Just Play Dead, My Name Is Ned, And I’m A Bed

#9 This Is My Life Now

#10 Dad Is Living His Best Life, Mom Is Contemplating Her Life Choices

“A study in the Journal of Research in Personality found that people who scored high in agreeableness and conscientiousness tended to have pets that were also rated as high in those traits. The study’s authors suggest that people may choose pets that are similar to themselves or that they may treat their pets in ways that cause the pets to develop similar personality traits,”

Popyk explained, “interestingly, the study found that dog owners were more likely than cat owners to be outgoing, energetic, and lively.”

#11 Well Done, Little Guy! Well Done!

#12 Snow Owls Sleep Like They Just Got Back From A Night Of Heavy Drinking And Missed The Bed

“The study also found that people who owned both cats and dogs were more likely to be open-minded and creative than those who owned just one type of pet.”

She added if any of your family members ever required emergency care, you would provide it. “Same with pets. If you want to make sure your pet never gets in trouble and makes you a nervous wreck, consider choosing an Emergency Fund which pays for your vet bills in any life-threatening situation, but vet appointments or not severe cases are not eligible for coverage.”

#13 I’m A Birdog Now

#14 When Your Airbnb Comes With A Cat

#15 Licia Ronzulli, Member Of The European Parliament, Has Been Taking Her Daughter Vittoria To The Parliament Sessions When The Girl Was Just Over A Month Old

Most of the time, people choose a dog breed that they think has a similar personality. But many times people choose a dog breed with opposite characteristics as well. “It really depends on the individual,” Popyk argues.

“For example, some people who feel shy or introverted may be attracted to animals that are also shy or introverted. Conversely, people who feel extroverted or outgoing may be attracted to animals that are also extroverted or outgoing.”

#16 You Have To Either Wipe Or Walk Away Without Wiping. Both Choices Aren’t Pleasant

#17 We Got Bored And Our Cat Is A Heavy Sleeper, So We Helped Him Live Up To His Nickname

#18 I See No Otter Way Out…

#19 Cat Accepts Duck Religion

#20 The Best Way To Advertise Your Garage Sale Nearby

#21 That Puppy Life

#22 These Two Best Friend Have One Peculiar Story

#23 Looks Like I’m One Of Them Now

#24 This Is Fine

#25 “King Good Boy” To You, Peasants

#26 He’s On His First Snow Adventure. Got Tired Immediately And Had To Be Carried The Rest Of The Way.

#27 Motherhood

#28 “I’m A Disney Princess Now”

#29 Looter Boy – This Dog Was Photographed After The Hurricane Hit Looting A Big Bag Of Dog Food And Embracing The Life Of Survival

#30 I’ll Just Become A Couch Then