2020 has been a great disappointment for all of us. Those of you who like to plan their personal and professional life, like to buy a yearly planner to keep things organized and managed. But things turned out to be rough this year, and even if you purchased a planner, it is not covered with spiderweb somewhere in your storeroom. Hopefully, 2021 won’t do the same to us. therefore, if you are someone who like to plan everything in advance and is looking forward to buy a yearly planner has come to the right place. (Pun intended).

Since you have read the title and are still continuing to read the post, we are sure that you are dog lovers. Spreading happiness is what dogs really do in our lives. But this time, they are literally shown in the images pooping around in the most beautiful background which can disturb your mind. Hold on to check out these monthly pictures shortlisted for the 2021 pooping calender.

Here’s the wonderful Title of that Calendar.


White snow and a pooping black dog. Purrfect!!




Would you like to take a dip in the water with this doggo?






What a view while pooping!


Making sure the tummy is clean before a good hike.



Can you spot the pooping dog?

If this isn’t enough, we got you,


So, you can sit in front of the calendar and solve this puzzle!

Here is what it looks like when its complete!

Have a great time enjoying solving this pooping puzzle.