“Felipe Gabriel regretted that he could not do more for the cold pup but hopes more people take inspiration to help a dog in need when they see one.”

How many times have you been to a subway and seen a street dog shivering in cold? Probably, a lot. But have you ever done anything for the dog? Maybe you have or maybe you haven’t. 

Well, we are not judging you. All we are saying that there are so many street dogs out there and they need our help to feel warm and comfortable. So, if you go out of your way to do something extra for these furry friends, it would just make them happy. 

This is exactly what Felipe Gabriel has done when he saw a cute dog shivering in the subway. 

This thing took place when he was traveling along with his brother through the subway of São Paulo, Brazil. During that time, it was very cold in Brazil. So, when Gabriel saw the street dog, he knew exactly what he wanted to do, i.e., taking off his t-shirt and giving it to the stray dog. 

“I noticed my brother taking his backpack off his back and started filming,” he told us. “Gabriel continued. He took off his jacket, sweatshirt, and put his shirt on the puppy who was very cold. He did it spontaneously. It was very moving.”

Gabriel took Instagram to share this adorable video. While uploading the video, he even joked that the t-shirt looks better on the dog. He then added, “there is no way to change the world but for the things in your reach, you can”. 

After this incident, sadly, Gabriel couldn’t find the dog. He said that he wished he did something more for the shivering stray dog. 

Scroll down to see the video.