Names are an extremely important part of our life. We all have made a wish at least once in our lifetime, that we should have got a chance to pick our own names. Undoubtedly, Dog names are a big deal.

Dog names are a big deal.

This family understands the importance of picking good names. Hence, they allowed their newly adopted puppy to choose its own name.

But how?

The family found a super clever means to allow their newly adopted pup to actually name itself.


Dog mama -Erika Maribel

Lately, a TikTok user named Erika Maribel along with her entire family hosted a party. This party was dedicated to their newly adopted delightful little puppy.

But, to everyone’s surprise,  instead of simply naming the pup; they let the dog pick its own name.

The dog’s family used paper to write different names as options. The paper was later folded and arranged. The papers were arranged on the floor with a piece of dog treat on top of each paper. The dog was then supposed to choose one of them.

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Here is the video of the little dog picking its name,

Finally, the cute little pup picked a cuter name called “Canuto.” Canuto means “a charming being who is highly pleasant.”

Clearly, Canuto couldn’t have made a better choice.