Have you ever seen a mural that not just looks great but also cleans the air of that area? If not, you are going to see something great. Today, we are going to talk about a new mural in Poland that not just looks simply beautiful but also helps the people to breathe fresh air. 

This mural was made by two talented artists, named Maciek Polak and Dawid Ryski, as a part of the project Converse City Forests. This project is balanced by a powerful slogan: “Create Together for Tomorrow.”

If you are wondering how does the mural makes the place pollution-free, here’s the answer. The paint used in the mural is made of a special pigment. This photocatalytic paint can easily break down the pollution when activated by bright light. You might find it a little surprising but a piece of such art is as powerful as 780 trees. OMG!

You can scroll down to see the pictures of this brilliant mural. 

As part of the Converse City Forests project, artists painted a special mural in Warsaw.

Made with air-purifying paint, the mural actually helps improve air quality.

This one mural alone has the purifying power of 780 trees.

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