We all know dogs get attached to their owner pretty quickly. As deep the bond gets, the clinger the dogs become. And it is absolutely true in the case of Axl. He is a Labrador who likes to follow his owner everywhere, even to the bathroom.

Axl was brought by Imgur user rayzer12 when the dog was just 7.5 weeks old. Once the dog became comfortable in his new house, he started following rayzer12 to the bathroom and would curl cutely in a quite unlikely place i.e. the gusset of his underpants. Um, yes, you have read it right! 

After a couple of times, it seems like it became a tradition. So whenever rayzer12 would take toilet breaks, his little pup would follow him. He also started taking pictures of Axl nestled in his pants. Throughout this weird and funny routine, Axl grew up. And now he is so big that there is no space for him under the toilet at all!

You can scroll down to see the funny and cute growth of Axl from the unusual viewpoint of crapper-cam.

“Axl, about 5 days after we took him home (7.5 weeks). His full name is Axl Riley, Axl was born on 9/11 so his middle name is in tribute to one of the many rescue dogs that worked at ground zero”

“He always followed me into the bathroom. Here he is at 8.5 weeks”

“9 & 1/2 weeks (The puppy, not the movie)”

“10 weeks”

“10.5 weeks”

“11.5 weeks”

“12 weeks, they grow so fast”

“12.5 weeks”

“13 weeks”

“13.5 weeks”

“14 weeks”

“14.5 weeks Merry Christmas!”

“15.5 weeks”

“17 weeks”

“19 weeks”

“20 weeks”

“1 year old”