Mo’s is one of the meat trade survivors who was found in a gutter in Bali. The poor girl was taped shut, her back legs tied together and she was starving to death. Like millions of dogs, Mo was abused in the illegal meat trade that exists in Bali.

Luckily she managed to escape from the meat catcher and fell in a gutter. She managed to survive for two weeks until she was found.

This is little Mo when she was found. Like so many others, Mo was the victim of the illegal dog meat trade that still operates in Bali

The innocent girl was found lying in a gutter in Bali, starving, half-dead

With all the trauma that Mo was suffering, the most difficult thing was to heal her snout. The tape stopped the blood circulation in the area and so the flesh was dying. When the team rescued her, they were not sure if Mo would make it through. After a tough surgery, Mo came into consciousness and started wagging her tail.

Her mouth was taped shut and her back legs were tied together with a shoelace

She was raced into surgery where her snout was carefully sutured in place, along with skin grafts

The team held their breath—they didn’t know if she would make it through such intense surgery after what she had been through

Slowly, with rehabilitation, time, and love, Mo started to heal

Gradually, she started to gain weight and had proper blood circulation that made her healthier day-by-day

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Thanks to all the amazing people that saved her

Sweet, cuddly, and still trusting of humans, despite the pain she had been through, Mo flourished into the beautiful dog she had always been

Soon Mo found an amazing and loving family that took her in

Now Mo lives her best life with a loving pair of humans who spoil her with love, care, toys, and lots of snacks

Mo is finally living the life every dog deserves to live and her sorrow and pain is in the past

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