Annoyed by your neighbours? We’ve got the perfect solution!

Dogs are a part of your family. You adore then, and you simply cannot live with them. We believe that all dogs are cute in their looks. But hey, you can always make them look scary by putting this cool muzzle on their mouth.

Yes, we know that Halloween has already passed but you can sure remember this muzzle for next year. If you’ve got annoying neighbours who you want to stay away from, this muzzle and your dog can do the trick. You might have not got the best-dressed award for Halloween this year but your dog can certainly be ready for scaring the shit out of your annoying neighbours.

So without further delay, lets quickly scroll down to check out some scary pictures of adorable dogs in a dangerous muzzle.

1. Check out this bad boy!

2. Damn, look at that blood coming out.

Just after a good hunt.

3. Well, I’d totally shat my pants if I see this.

4. These muzzles gives a completely new makeover to your doggos.

Stay away, I am ferocious human.

5. Loving the lightening effect in the background!

Adding to the muzzle’s charm.

6. Well, you don’t even need a muzzle for that beast there.

7. Meet the devil himself.

8. Okay, this is one scary shot!

9. Scary but as soon as you look at those eyes.

10. Visualizing that doggo in the middle of the forest…

11. He has no idea what’s that muzzle for.

12. Oh my, such a cutie!

13. Now this is one cool looking duo!

14. Damn, is that pupper a model?

Such a poser.

15. King of the sea!

16. This one appears to be posing for the picture.

17. Awww… this one isn’t happy with the muzzle!

18. Okay, this has got to be one of the coolest pictures of all!

19. Smiling through the muzzle like

20. Yep, definitely going to scare the shit out of the neighbours.

21. And at last, look at this one trying to fit in the character.