This Dog Looks Like A Hybrid Between A Dog And A Cat And People Are Confused

One of the most popular questioned asked people is, do they like dogs or cats? There are very few people who would say both. But, what if we tell that there is a Vietnam dog that looks like a hybrid between a cat and a dog. Yes, people love this furry creature and have their own theories about them.

Some people did say that the dog breed looks like a cartoon. And some people like us don’t really care about what breed it is. We are just in aww of this furball.

Here are some adorable pictures of Vietnam’s Furry Star!











Tuan and Hai Anh are the owners of this dog, Dúi. They have made his profile on Instagram and have said that they got 40K likes. This dog has fans from all over the world.

He is a mix of a native breed and Dingo breed. He loves to play and is a very happy dog.









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