This city is offering you $10,000 to move there

Tulsa, a city on the Arkansas River, in the U.S. state of Oklahoma is now aiming to attract the people by offering $10000 to move there.

The offer is for those who work remotely or are entrepreneurs. If anyone agrees to live there for at least a year, then the sum is all theirs.

The workers will receive subsidies and stipends as well along with the $10,000 and that too as cash.

Source: cnbc

The move by the city is an effort to convince people to move to smaller towns rather than to urban and sub-urban areas.

The plan offers thousands of dollars along with incentives with hopes to be able to draw at least the workers.

These workers usually settle in the major metropolitan cities because of the work opportunities that are provided by these cities.

After the financial crisis which hit the United States, the cities have become more dominant in terms of economy.

The director of GKFF, Ken Levit, since the website went live, the program has received about 6000 applications in just few weeks.

Source: cloudfront

Levit stated that the planning for Tulsa Remote is a part of a much bigger strategy which aims at making the society more vibrant by pumping some economic development. This will be done by diversifying the business as well as energizing it.

Levit further added that he was not just surprised but also elated to see the number of applications that the program has received in such a short span of time.

The metro area of the Tulsa has an unemployment rate of 3 percent and it has a ranking of 110 out of all the other areas, according to the statistics of the Labor Department.

The rate of unemployment of the United States is 3.7 percent which is still higher than that of Tulsa.

Source: MSN, WashingtonPost

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