For cats, the vast outdoors is anything but wonderful. Whether they live in the city, the suburbs, or the countryside, outdoor cats face a variety of threats.

They are prone to infectious diseases, most of which are fatal. Cats that live indoors or in catios with enclosures have a better probability of living up to 15 years or longer, but outdoor cats that roam freely run the danger of living less time.

The expense of veterinary care for the treatment of infectious diseases, parasites, and abscesses from animal fights is decreased because indoor cats are often healthier. Indoor cats can lead full lives if their human caregivers use some creative planning.

Of course, keeping a cat inside from the beginning is preferable if you are starting with a kitten or young adult cat. Most cats kept indoors have little desire to leave their comfortable surroundings.

Other cats that are accustomed to escaping the house could wreak havoc on the entire family by screeching, scratching at windows, and trying to flee via open doors. In today’s story, a Redditor has an indoor cat who has had a difficult life and is wary of strangers.

The OP left the upstairs window slightly ajar during a heat wave, only to discover the cat had vanished when they awoke. As you read the complete story below, you will discover what occurs next.

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My cat is a liar…

Here’s the cute kitty who has had a rough life

He’s lived indoors for the six months

He’s never seen outside

I can’t admit to this

The comments on this story were entertaining for Redditors. Check out some of their greatest comments, that we have compiled here.

1. You are just happy to get them back

2. Found her hiding in the house safely

3. I’m standing in the kitchen cooking dinner

4. We looked everywhere for him

5. It’s a nappy ending

6. Cat is meowing for food again

7. Are you bready for the worst?

8. He had some bread to comfort him

9. I was happy she was back

19. This Reddit can understand the OP’s plight

11. At yeast, the kitty was found

12. You’ll end up with two identical cats

13. Getting an inbred cat

14. I thought my cat ran away and died

15. Sit back and enjoy this interesting piece

16. This commenter finds this story pretty hilarious

17. Showing the little guy a lot of love

18. What the only logical explanation is…

19. The big guy had found another orange guy

20. The little bastard comes trouncing down the steps yawning

Although cats enjoy the sun, fresh air, and exercise, they are not dependent on being outside to be content. The shift may require some time and patience, but even the most adamant outdoor cat can eventually come around to the comforts of the interior.

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