Do you know the Ukrainian artist Andy Ivanov who has been illustrating Green Mermaid and her love? If you haven’t seen his work, maybe you should because it will make you feel several emotions at once. 

Andy told us “I am assuming that my followers will plunge into the very beginning of the story, and then go through the other two parts to the end, thereby obtaining a complete picture.”

“Who is that?”

“I hope he likes me…”



“Hey, little one. Don’t be afraid, I just didn’t expect to see you”

“I believe you”

“What is this? Some inexplicable feeling…”

“Oh no! My kiss poisoned him. No, no…”

“Oh no”

“Please live, I’ll bring you a petal of life”

“Do you see this beast?”

“Got caught!”

“Good job, boy. We caught her”

“What have I done? She will not survive in captivity. I must somehow help her”

“I’ll bring you home”

“I’m so sorry… Please be free again” “Hey boy! Don’t do what you want to do, or I’ll shoot you!”

“Petal of life. I kept it in my hand from the beginning. You will live, you will live…”

“Wake up. The sun rose”

“I’m alive, but how is that possible?” “Come with me, I’ll show you something”

“It’s him again! We can hide in a secret place that I wanted to show you”

“He won’t find us, we’re safe here…”

“This Lily is my life. I gave you a part of me… The petal… And you survived”

“There you are! Gotcha!”

“What is this here? It will be mine” “If he picks the flower, I will die…”

“Don’t touch the…”

“… Flower”

“Oh no, no… It’s all because of me”

“I’m so sorry, my love…”