If you think that we own pets, we are sorry to break it to you that it’s actually them who gave us permission to live in their houses. We know, we know, it’s us who pay the rents, we feed them we clean them, and we buy new clothes for them. But it’s true and you can’t deny it. 

In case, you don’t agree, try changing a few things from the regular schedule of your pet (especially dog) and get ready to see the real drama. But do you know what? You won’t have to take such efforts because there’s a Pomeranian from Thailand, named Pao, who is giving death stares to his owner after they tried to change his diet. 

Scroll down to have a look. 

Pao went viral: he sent his food flying after seeing what his new diet is like.

@pao_familyMom : I think you need to diet?Pao : I don’t agree!!!😡 #ios14 #paomonomiu #สุดปัง #กล่องข้าวน้อยจ้าแม่ #pomeranian #ฉันเหมือนใคร คำถามคว้ามง

“Really? You’re going to do this now, woman?”

Captioning it, the owner wrote, “I think you need to diet.”

Pretty clear that he disagreed.

Here’s how people reacted.


Pao’s mom did not give up. She shared a second video of ‘Angry Pao’ and carefully hid the plastic cup she used to scoop up the food.

She readies her teeth…

…and goes on to eat anyway.