With the increasing population, it has become difficult to meet the needs of people. This is true especially in terms of food. Now, can you just imagine a situation. If we are facing a challenge in meeting the needs today, how are we going to fulfill them tomorrow? 

Oh, no! We didn’t want to make you feel stressed. All we want to say is that this problem is going to arise even more and there is just one way to solve it, i.e., vertical farming. 

And you know what’s better? There is a tech startup in San Francisco called Plenty which is already doing this thing. You might find it a little amusing but this company has the yielding capacity that can fill 720 acres of land. But they are doing it on 2 acres of land. Moreover, the entire farming is managed by AI and robots. How cool is that, right? 

This tech startup is co-founded by Nate Storey “If you are a nation in this world that has limited food security, you have to import everything, the value of your food is quite different than it is here in the United States,” Storey explains. “Which means that what you’re willing to pay for is quite different. And what you’re willing to pay for that independence and that control is quite different.”

Plenty’s facility is growing enough produce to fill 720 acres of typical farmland, but they are doing it with just two acres of vertical farming.

Plenty is managing production with robots and artificial intelligence to grow better crops.