We think we know everything about our favorite actor, but do we? Maybe not. That’s why here we have listed some of the best facts about 1990’s biggest movie stars that will make you say ‘whoa.’

Keanu Reeves Will Cut His Salary To Work With Actors He Admires

Bill Paxton Was Honored By Storm Chasers After His Passing

Robin Williams Walked Around San Francisco As Mrs. Doubtfire

Danny DeVito Helped His ‘Matilda’ Star Through A Difficult Time

Samuel L. Jackson Was An Usher At Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Funeral

Alan Rickman Knew All About Severus Snape’s Truth From The Very Beginning

Martin Short, Steve Martin, And Tom Hanks Have Regular ‘Colonoscopy Parties’

Tommy Lee Jones Doesn’t Like Jim Carrey. At All.

Leonardo DiCaprio Had Trouble Getting Through His Character’s Choice Of Words In ‘Django Unchained’

Bruce Willis Hooked Up Deployed Troops With Girl Scout Cookies

Ben Affleck Can’t Play Blackjack At The Hard Rock Casino In Vegas

Will Smith Was Saved From Bankruptcy By ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’

Brendan Fraser Nearly Died While Filming ‘The Mummy’

Jim Carrey Had Three No. 1 Movies In A Single Year

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Father Beat Him As A Child, Believing He Was Gay

Jeff Goldblum Tried To Hire A Sex Worker At The Age Of 13

Adam Sandler Beat The Snot Out Of Some Kids In ‘Billy Madison’

Nicole Kidman Is Afraid Of Butterflies

Whoopi Goldberg Is A Member Of An Exclusive Club

Uma Thurman Was Badly Injured While Filming ‘Kill Bill’

Wesley Snipes Was Reportedly A Nightmare On The Set Of ‘Blade: Trinity’

Tom Cruise’s Ex-Wives Have Strange Commonalities

Halle Berry Was A Beauty Queen Before Becoming An Actress

Cameron Diaz Retired From Acting

Steven Seagal Once Took Part In A Raid On A Cockfighting Ring

Meg Ryan And Tom Hanks Spent A Lot Of Time Together In The ’90s

John Travolta Has Been A Licensed Pilot Since The Age Of 22

Sharon Stone Had To Come Clean About Not Being In Mensa

Winona Ryder Had Some Trouble With The Law