We all use a small part of the vocabulary of our language every day. As words are of use, we don’t use scientific names for things or words that a specific group of people uses.

If we read through dictionaries, we could find some really interesting words, like how would you call the day after tomorrow or the struggle to get out of bed in the morning.


1. Petrichor. The smell after the rain.


2. Overmorrow. The day after tomorrow.


3. Dysania. Difficulty getting out of bed in the morning.


4. Semantic Satiation. The process of repeating a word and losing its meaning temporarily.


5. Crapulence. The sick feeling after excessive eating or drinking.


6. Interrobang. When a question mark and an exclamation mark merge.


7. Grawlix. Symbols (‘$’, ‘#’, ‘!’, etc.) used in place of profane words.


8. Defenestration. Throwing something or someone out of the window.


9. Drupelets. The individual portions of Raspberries and Blackberries.


10. Aglet. The plastic or metal coating at the end of a shoelace.


11. Desire Line. A path made by people walking on the grass.


12. Paresthesia. The tingling sensation when the foot’s asleep.


13. Glabella. The space between one’s eyebrows.


14. Griffonage. Unreadable handwriting.


15. Semordnilap. A word that has different meanings forward and backward.


16. Digitus Minimus. The little finger or toe finger.


17. Phosphene. The gleam of light one sees with closed eyes.


18. Brannock Device. The instrument used to measure the foot.


19. Ereyesterday. The day before yesterday.


20. Zarf. A cup holder for hot drinks.


21. Vocables. “Na na na” or “La la la” in the lyrics.


22. Tittle. The dot on top of ‘i’ or ‘j’.


23. Punt. The bottom indent portion of a wine bottle.


24. Aphthong. A letter or combination of letters in a word that’s not pronounced.


25. Pilcrow. The paragraph mark.


26. Vagitus. The cry of a newborn or a small child.


27. Wamble. The stomach rumbling.


28. Eggcorn. A word used by mistake in a plausible way for some other word.


29. Googlegänger. A person having the same name as you and is found by searching on Google.


30. Agraffe. The wired cage holding the cork of a champagne bottle.


31. Snellen chart. The chart that is used for eye exams.


32. Murder. A group of Crows.


33. Scroop. The crispy crinkling of the silk or similar material.


34. Pizza Saver. The plastic structure in the middle of a pizza.


35. Columella Nassi. The space between the nostrils.