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These Pictures Show You The Downside Of Traveling

When was the last time you went for a vacation or traveled to a distant location? Let’s all be honest. No one likes sitting at the home, that too for nearly 6 months straight.

But when it comes to air passenger behavior, it’s the lows that come to mind more often than not. But if you are thinking of the good ol’ days, let’s just remind you of some nuisances of traveling. This list of inconsiderate passengers certainly is frightening!

So from man who dried his socks on the overhead air vents to the lady who cuts her nails in the middle of a flight, here are the flyers you never want to end up sitting next to.





















So, after seeing all these horrific images, you must be contemplating that Lockdown isn’t that bad maybe. Well, don’t forget to share if you ever come across these strange behaviors during one of your flights in the future.

Written by Sandipan Kundu

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