People’s hopes don’t always come true, and things don’t always work out the way they were supposed to. Internet users are always talking about funny times when they got something different from what they were promised, like getting a much smaller carpet than expected or a seat on a plane without a window.

Hiptoro is sure that most of us have been in situations like these that were funny. The most important thing is not to get angry and to keep going with a smile, but to remember to pay more attention next time.

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No wonder it was on sale for so cheap!


A “bucket” of candy that was much smaller than I thought it would be.


“My mom ordered my nephew a backpack for school online and this is what came.”


When you thought you were going to swim in a large pool:


On the website for renting homes, this house looked a little bigger.


Proof that it’s much better to only ask for help from professionals:


This looks like a “great” mask for Halloween.


Could this haircut look better from a different point of view?


On the package, it looked much cuter.


The only thing I can think of that these motor boots would be good for is working in a garden.


More proof that packages shouldn’t be trusted:


This person picked a window seat, but there was no window. The flight attendant was able to get away.


“Opened a can of green beans and there were diced tomatoes inside.”


Always check the sizes and read the descriptions. If you don’t, you might get less than you thought…


“$60 ’professional’ Halloween makeup — I asked for the photo on the left, with just a little fake blood. On the right is what the makeup artist gave me.”


Have you ever been in a situation like this? Tell us in the comments section below!