Karma knows how to get back to us for our terrible actions. But it also has a way of rewarding us. And the best thing is that it enters our lives when we are expecting the least. 

You don’t believe us? Well, there are people who can prove this by showing you their next hearty meals. Scroll down and remember to tell us your favorite photo out of all. 

This Big Lettuce

Found A Perfect Salt Crystal In My Sea Salt Packet

A Miracle Has Occurred

This Banana Is The Size Of My Entire Forearm

Giant Lemon Off Our Tree

My 5-Year-Old Found A Pack Of Fruit Roll-Ups With 2 Rolls In 1 Wrapper

I Got A Bonus Roll

This Butternut Squash Was Almost All Squash

My Friend’s Chicken Laid A Huge Egg With A Regular Size Egg Inside It

This Kinder Egg Has Two Layers

Got The Rare Dark Chocolate With Granola Bar Flavor

I Cracked An Egg Today And There Were Three Yolks Inside

My Corn Sprouted A Baby Corn Inside The Husk

This Pizza With Way More Toppings Than Shown On The Box

Found A Giant Blueberry In My Parfait

My Ice Cream Was Completely Overfilled

My Wife Hit The Animal Cracker Jackpot

Was Portioning Out Some Sour Patches When The Ultimate Sour Patch Boss Fell Out

Full Meal Kiwi

I Just Found A Super Long Mini Marshmallow

This Baby Tangerine Was Hiding In A Bigger Tangerine

This Mushroom I Found 5 Years Ago

Found This Bunch Of Bananas In My Box Of Runts

Grapes My Dad Grows That Look Like Plums

Weirdest Blackberry I’ve Ever Seen. Crested Black Satin Thornless Blackberry


A Whole Potato In Curly Fry Form

A Big Cheese Stick

Behold, The King Of Cereal Flakes

A Twin Banana


Got This Abnormally Thick Dorito In An Otherwise Normal Packet

I Found A Whole Oreo On The Surface Of My Ice Cream

I Found The Legendary Garlic Bulb

The Flesh To Rind Ratio Of This Watermelon