We all are guilty of doing things that we are not proud of. But do we regret doing them? Maybe we don’t.

The people, however, who got featured in this post are different. That’s because instantly regretted their act as they quickly realized that they have screwed up. All the faults flash out in their mind and they go: “God, I screwed up.” Aah, that’s the sweet sound of helplessness that we can all relate to.

People, if you have been feeling bad about messing up things, wait till you see this post. I assure you they are no better than you. In fact, some are even worst.

Scroll down to see meet these people who made really, really wrong decisions.

#1 At least I missed my foot, mostly

#2 Wallet meets lawnmower

#3 Boyfriend tried to wash a down pillow…

#4 Attempted to take $60 out. Got stuck and I couldn’t get it out. Then it sucked it back in and still took $60 out of my account!

#5 Really? Someone gonna cut the grass right after it rains, and blow the grass on people’s car?

#6 I did not look closely enough at that label

#7 Hi I’d like an appointment to see the dentist please

#8 Chicken and Broccoli smothered in melted rubber lid

#9 Forgetting about your $5,000 bike on your roof rack as you pull into the garage

#10 I knocked my container of flour onto the floor, and this is how it landed…

#11 I ordered gummy vitamins on Amazon and live in Arizona

#12 This picture tells a story

#13 This is why you shouldn’t park over a storm drain

#14 How my Friday evening is going

#15 So I just bought this chair and none of the reviews mentioned this.. 😩

#16 I’ll just do my makeup in the car like a stupid idiot

#17 Texting bae

#18 Still aching