Oh yes, Halloween has ended and we are once again left with this crappy year. We know even you are not liking it. That’s is why we have brought something interesting for you. We have actually found pictures of people who have taken Halloween too seriously. As they were so excited about the holiday, they ended up being the one who was dressed. Some of these people are attending their meeting in a shark costume while others have chosen a cute dinosaur costume to attend the class. 

Spoiler: There are many more hilarious costumes you will find in this post. 

Scroll down and see what people were doing this Halloween. 

#1 My Buddy Was Told He Could Wear A Costume…

A psychology professor at Flinders University named, Norman Feather said that “people like to see tall poppies fall if they deserve to fall, or if the observer has low self-esteem”. “That’s where a bit of envy or resentment enters in.” 

#2 Being The Only One In Congress To Wear A Costume For Halloween…

One of the people featured in this list, Papa_skittles said that “it wasn’t Halloween but it was the last day of the workweek (Thursday) and it was the day the workgroup ‘agreed’ to dress up as smurfs while our boss would dress up as Gargamel”.

#3 My VP Of Purchasing Sitting In A Meeting Right Now Listening Intently To Our President. He’s The Only Person In Costume

He further said that “I was expecting others to dress up [too] but no one else did”. “My [Smurfette] costume is the Goodwill special of a flower dress turned inside out, a blue tracksuit with a clean mop head from the custodial closet (Walmart ran out of blonde wigs). I had to improvise that one.”

“But I decided to keep it going. Too many people these days don’t know how to laugh at themselves. I could have gotten upset or even angry but what would that have accomplished? I also got to see a lot of other people laugh from different departments as a blue Smurfette was walking up to them. People need a hearty laugh every now and then. It’s good for you.”

#4 I Won My Office Costume Party. I Was The Only Participant And The Judge, But I’m Still Proud

#5 All Of My Coworkers Agreed To Dress Up As Smurfs For Halloween. Im The Only One To Go Through With It

#6 I Was The Only Person I Saw Dressed Up Today, But I Think I Looked Mcfly As Hell

#7 Today Was A Costume Party At My Dog’s Daycare But He Was The Only One Dressed Up. He’s Traumatized

#8 Only One Who Dressed Up At Work Today. I’m A Star-Buck

#9 My Kid Was That “Only One In Costume” Kid Yesterday In Class. She Didn’t Care

#10 None Of His Colleagues Dressed Up

#11 When The Whole Office Plans To Dress Up But You’re The Only One Who Does

#12 When You Are The Only One To Take Halloween Seriously.

#13 Teacher’s The Only One Who Showed Up In Costume

#14 I Was The Only One Who Dressed Up At Work. I Regret Nothing

#15 My Face When I Was One Of Only 5 Who Dressed Up At Work (Out Of 1500)

It’s probably what Bowie would have wanted – he wasn’t one for going with the crowd.

#16 I Was The Only One Who Dressed Up For Our Weekly Staff Zoom Call

#17 No One Else Dressed Up For Halloween. Filthy Traitors

#18 I Was The Only One To Dress Up At My Job For Halloween. Compounded With The Fact That Our Store Closes For Good Today, It’s Been A Day

#19 I Work In An Office And They Told People To Dress Up. I’m The Only One Dressed Up

#20 I’m The Only Person In My Entire Office Of 30 People Who Dressed Up Today And I’m In A Full Body Banana Suit

#21 When You’re The Only One Who Dressed Up

#22 I Too Was The Only One Dressed Up At My Office Today. Shaved My Head For It And Everything

#23 I Am The Only One At Work Who Dressed Up For Halloween. And I’m Their Boss. Safety First Kids

#24 Dressed Up For Work. Turned Out I Was The Only One…

#25 This Is Joel – The Only Person At Work Who Dressed Up For Halloween. He Doesn’t Care That No One Else Dressed Up, He’s Been Working All Day Like This

#26 Babadook

#27 So I Was The Only One Who Dressed Up For My Class Today

#28 Only One At Work Dressed Up

It is by caffeine alone I set my mind in motion. Happy Halloween!

#29 When Your The Only One In A Company Of 1200 People That Dresses Up On The 31st. “This Deals Getting Worse All The Time”

#30 Had A Halloween Party Last Saturday I Was The Only One Dressed Up…

#31 Nobody Else Got The Memo That Its Halloween

#32 I’m The Only One That Dressed Up At My Office And I’m In A Pickle Suit. Guess You Could Say We’re In The Same Boat

#33 I Work In A Lab And I’m The Only One Dressed Up In My Department. Yo Ho, Yo Ho Anyone?

#34 I, Too, Was The Only One Wearing A Costume At Work Today

#35 I Was The Only Person Dressed Up Today For Work. Also In A Full-Body Banana Costume