The Quarantine Boredom has forced people to be creative and they certainly are. People are looking for a good recreational activity pretty much all the time.

They are coming up with plenty of online challenges. One such pastime people have come up with is Photoshopping their little cats’ faces on the pictures of bees.

Why, you ask?

Why not. We just can’t look away!

Reportedly, this silly trend began via Jessy Hanczaryk. She had no reason at all. Out of nowhere, she edited a picture of her cat. And this picture was photoshopped in a rather bizarre way. She used a picture of her cat Millie.

This cat and bee hybrid picture became an inspiration for many others on the internet.

Jessy Hanczaryk

Jessy was absolutely amused by this creation. She first shared the picture with her brother. Her brother decided to post them on Reddit. The pictures were absolutely loved. Furthermore, they were a hit. Very soon the pictures were everywhere.

The pictures were everywhere-

“I saw someone posted them on Facebook and someone else posted them on Instagram! “I honestly had no idea that people would like them so much.” Hanczaryk shared .

People’s reaction to the hybrid pictures-


Moreover, people not only loved this trend, but they also began expanding it by trying other animals.