“This is the moment when we must come together to save this planet”—Barack Obama once said.

We know saving the whole planet sounds just too much. But you can think about it this way: even baby steps can make a huge difference. When you will start thinking this way, you won’t get overwhelmed by the entire idea of saving the planet.

And to do this, we should start thinking out of the box, just as two innovative entrepreneurs did. We are talking about two talented entrepreneurs from México—Adrián López Velarde and Marte Cázarez and we will tell you how they are ready to bring a change with their groundbreaking idea.

Okay, so no secret, we are breaking the suspense to you. These two innovative minds are transforming cacti into vegan leather. And the best thing is that it feels and looks similar.

When Adrian and Marte were working in the furniture and fashion automotive industry, they realized the seriousness of environmental pollution. That’s when they left their job and dedicated their lives to bring a positive change in the world. And in July 2019, they have finally finished creating their marketable cactus leather.

If you are wondering why they have selected cactus and not some other plant, the answer is pretty simple. It’s just that cactus does not need much water to grow, they can handle low temperatures, and there’s plenty of cacti in Mexico.

Before you ask, yes, this company offers cactus leather in different colors. So, you see, you won’t have to compromise on anything. Moreover, these are highly sustainable and are free from toxic chemicals.

The process of making leather from cactus is pretty simple. Firstly, they find and cut the mature leaves of the plant. After that, they clean it, mash it, dry it under the sun for three days. At last, it gets processed to become a part of their patented vegan leather formula.

People on the Internet seem to really like this idea