Big dogs can be very intimidating at first but when you get to know them, you will instantly fall in love with them. Great Dane are majestic dogs and they are truly eye-pleasing, These dogs can weigh up to 71Kgs to 85Kgs. Friendly, loving and very social in nature, they are perfect to be a family dog. Go check out these images and you might end up making your mind to get a dog for yourself.

1. “3 Months / 6 Months / 12 Months”

2. “How My Parents’ Great Dane Puppy Lays On The Ottoman He Outgrew”

3. “He Won’t Stop Growing – Send Help”

4. “From Pupper To Woofer In Just 1 Year”

5. “The Park Broke My Dog”

6. “This Big Potato Enjoys The Tiniest Chairs He Could Find”

7. “This Is Shadow. He’s A Lap Dog”

8. “Just A Girl And Her Dane”

9. “She Might Be 6’2” Long, But Lola Is The Gentlest Of Giants”

10. “This Dog Sitting At A Subway”

11. “These Are The Critters That Get To Ride On The Golf Cart”

12. “My Aunt’s Goofy Great Dane, Louis”

13. “My Great Dane Puppy’s One Year Difference”

14. “My Daughter Was Home Sick One Day. When I Peeked Into Her Room, This Is What I Found”

15. “Boomie Bear Meeting His New Neighbor”

16. “Our Great Derp”

17. “My Two Loves, Waiting On Our Hooman Baby To Join Us Any Day”

18. “She Loves The Blower”

19. “Lincoln The Dane”

20. “Big House Cow Meets Little House Cow”

21. “It’s Tiny, Isn’t It?”

22. “When You Are Big Snoops That Can’t Mind Their Own Business”

23. “This Is Buck, A 10-Week-Old Great Dane Pup. He Has Now Mastered The Sit Command And Is Now Part Of The Good Boy Club”

24. “Ryder The Great Dane Who Weighs 87 Kg With His Friend Ally The Chihuahua Who Weighs 2 Kg”

25. “Jones Has A Desire To Be A Window Washer When He Grows Up”

26. “Sharing Is Caring”

27. “Nap Time Little Human. Quit Wiggling”

28. “It’s A Melting Dane”

29. “Your Dog Can Fetch A Ball? That’s Cute”

30. “Saw A Gentle Giant At The Vets! She Was A Darling And Sat Down With Her Owner While They Waited”

31. “These Dogs All Pooping At The Same Time”

32. “A Great Dane Riding Shotgun In A Sports Car. Hollywood, California 1961”

33. “7 Weeks And 17 Weeks”

34. “Luna When Our Son Started Getting Scolded”

35. “Let’s Just Pretend They’re The Same Size”