For a creative artist, the entire world is a vast canvas. When inspiration strikes, even the wall of a deserted building can be helpful. However, artists would prefer to exhibit their works so that more people can appreciate them. And what better place to exhibit their works than where people actually live? Jan Is De Man, a Dutch mural artist, found his ideal canvas on an apartment building in Utrecht, Netherlands. He painted the façade of a residential building with the help of his friend and fellow artist, Deef Feed. And transforms the establishment into a realistic, massive bookcase.

Artists on the Street Jan Is De Man and Deef Feed collaborated to create a literary mural for a Utrecht neighborhood.

But he didn’t do it on the spur of the moment. Jan Is De Man has previously collaborated with Deef Feed to create murals on the streets, buildings, and skate parks. The street artist is a close friend of some of the apartment building’s residents. When the residents asked him to paint a mural on their building, the artist immediately came up with an idea. The mural should inspire residents and anyone who sees it to be positive. Initially, he considered drawing a giant smiley on the façade because this image represents happiness. However, he later felt that the smiley concept was too simple and that the image lacked impact.

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The location has been determined, and the concept has been finalized. But then another brilliant idea comes to mind. Instead of painting a two-dimensional mural, he used trompe l’oeil to create three-dimensional realistic imagery. The building’s shape appears to be a perfect match for the appearance of a massive bookcase. The apartment building would undoubtedly make an excellent canvas for a 3D mural.

The giant bookcase mural took Jan Is De Man and Deef Feed one week to complete. All of their efforts were rewarded when they saw the residents’ smiles when they saw their favorite books displayed on the building wall. The trompe l’oeil has become an instant attraction not only for the residents but for the entire neighborhood since its unveiling. Because photos of the mural have already circulated on social media, expect more people to flock to the location in the near future. The street artists responsible for this viral mural will undoubtedly be very busy due to a large number of projects on their plates. We will stay tuned for the time being.