Do you know who our everyday heroes are? Well, they are the members of our Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the RSPCA. These people have once again proved that street animals are no less than our companion. 

You would be happy to know that the members of this society have rescued 30 dogs. These dogs were neglected so badly that the rescuers couldn’t recognize their breed at the time they found them. 

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The RSPCA rescued 30 neglected dogs and de-matted their fur so they could move without pain

“This is not an everyday type of rescue but sadly due to a demand for adopting dogs—especially puppies during lockdown—we have seen a rise in unlicensed puppy farms and because of this we do seem to be rescuing neglected dogs in groups more,” the member of the RSPCA team told us.

“Clearly the dogs had been neglected for a significant amount of time and required their coats to be completely shaved and urgent dentals to be carried out. They were unrecognizable as to their breeds. One dog was in such a state she had pus leaking from her mouth. It was so upsetting to see, it reduced the rescue staff to tears.”

“We’ll continue to regularly bathe them to help improve their skin condition and we will spend the coming weeks rehabilitating them and will give them lots of care and attention so when we are ready to re-home the dogs we can match them with a perfect future owner.”

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