When it comes to cats, people usually think that they do not express their emotions as amazingly as the dog does. Well, maybe it’s true. But it is also true that beautiful felines are awesome and they deserve all of our love.

In case, you don’t feel the same, just scroll down. We are sure that the cute pictures of cats that we have compiled here would definitely change your mind. So, shall we start? All right then!

1- “I don’t know whose cat this is or what his name is, but we have been friends for more than 2 years now. I go for a walk every morning at around 5 a.m. and he follows me!”

2- “I rescued this kitten from the streets and when I brought her home, my cat cuddled her.”

3- “I was trying to give the little cat a bath but it was screaming. The older cat that absolutely hates water jumped in and tried to pull him out. That’s how much animals care for each

4- An unusual but equally adorable friendship

5- This cat is even licking the dog to show him affection and get him all nice and clean

6- Motherhood is a very sacred thing in their world too

7- This cat accompanies his owner to the gym and then sits in reception waiting for his owner until he finishes his workout, then they go back home together.

8- This cat wakes his owner up every morning at 5- :30-  a.m. to snuggle up with him.

9- This cat holds its owner’s hand whenever he feels sad or less than happy.

10- They love cuddling together!