Who doesn’t like little kittens? We are sure that everyone loves them the way we do. After all, they are cute, they are soft, they are fluffy, and when they say meow, it just melts our hearts. OMG!

But there is another side of these cute kittens that you might have not seen. However, you don’t have to worry about anything because we have lifted the curtain. (You are so lucky)

To show you that little kittens are not always cute and happy, we have compiled a few pictures of angry kittens who are winning our hearts regardless of their angry expressions. 

Scroll down to bless your feed. 

1- ‘You can’t take away my watermelon!’

2- Spawn of the devil

3- Fluffy yet dangerous

4- ‘You’re going to regret getting me wet!’

5- ‘Leave me be!’

6- That expression on its face is in total contrast with its innocent-looking, snow-white fur!

7- ‘Are you deaf?!’

8- That one looks like a tiny little tiger

9- We would be scared if we saw this cat in real life!

10- This is clearly not the best day this cat has ever had

11- ‘Who told you that I wanted chin rubs?’

12- Maybe it’s a good time to cuddle these babies

13- ‘This is my territory!’

14- That expression is absolutely terrifying!

15- ‘This human looks like he is up to something!’

16- ‘Don’t call me ‘tiny’ ever again!’

17- Even its fur shows this cat’s aggressive nature

18- Whoever gave him a bath needs to prepare themselves for the worst

19- This silly cat is thinking he is confronting another cat when he’s just looking at his own reflection in the mirror!

20- ‘Don’t mess with us!’

21- Green with envy, you think?

22- ‘Put me down. RIGHT.NOW!’

23- Seems like this is a bad moment to take a photo of this cat

24- It is ready to attack with its sharp claws!

25- ‘Stop yapping! I’m tired of hearing you talk all day!’

26- ‘I hate being called ‘cute!’

27- This cat just needs its morning coffee

28- Maybe it’s not so eager to take a selfie

29- ‘Oh, yes, bore me with your problems…Great’

30- Just imagine having a baby like this kitten right here!