2020 has been a jinxed year for all of us. Nothing in our lives had a positive impact on us. Be it the number of deaths that took place or the loss of jobs that people faced. This year has caused enough trauma and depression. Where nothing seemed to go the right way, and no hope to see the brighter side of the road. Few people did take efforts and make things happier. There was kindness in their actions and so, we decided to share their stories with you.

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#1 Be More Like Abdul

Back to work today, forgot my pass so locked bike outside Cannon Street station. Left work at 6 pm to find just the cut lock and no bike, resigned to never seeing my trusty stead again asked the station if they have cameras. A guy appeared waving at me, asked me to put the code into my cut lock. He replied ‘I have your bike’ with a smile I will never forget!! His name is Abdul Muneeb and he works for South Eastern Railways, he was on a break and saw a guy bolt cut the lock and challenged him to give it back, he then took it inside and waited 4 hours after his shift finished to personally make sure I got my bike back. The world needs more Abdul’s, he is a legend of a man and a credit to his employer.

#2 Child, Who Hit My Father’s Car, Had An Old Bike With Broken Brakes, So My Father Bought Him A New Bike. I Am So Proud Of My Father

#3 What A Legend

#4 10 Years Of Work But It Was Worth It! I’m A Provider At The Same Place I Used To Clean

#5 I’m So Happy For Her

#6 Never Too Late To Start Again

#7 The Wooden Mast Had To Be Replaced By A Concrete Mast, But The Professionals Preserved The Tucano’s House

#8 You Are Beautiful, Melissa

#9 This Athlete, Marios Giannakou, Carried A Disabled Biology Student Named Eleftheria To The Top Of Mount Olympus, Her Dream

#10 It Has Been A Very Long Journey, But We Finally Got Forever

#11 14-Year-Old Ridan Al-Mashouly From Sana’a, Yemen Regularly Feeds And Provides Food For A Homeless Special Needs Elderly Man From His Paycheck

#12 Sometimes You Need Some Bro You Don’t Know To Love You

#13 Perfect Gift

#14 This Dad Of The Year

#15 Cleft Lip And Cleft Palate, Two Week Surgery

#16 This Legend Carries, Pulls And Pushes His Disabled Twin Around Ironmans And Marathons So They Can Compete Together

#17 Now That’s Wholesome

#18 Rachel Has Been A Nanny For Curtis For Over A Year. When He Realized Her Senior Prom Was Cancelled, He Wanted To Throw One For Her

#19 Dorothy Anonymously Bakes Treats And Leaves Them For Our Apartment Community. She Was Recently Caught

#20 So Many Cats

#21 Ten Years Ago I Signed Up To Mentor An At-Risk Young Boy. Yesterday I Dropped Him Off At College

#22 Hopefully The Need Of These Kind Gestures Reduces To None

#23 Be The Change You Want To See In The World

#24 He’s A Keeper

#25 My Dog Gets Really Anxious In The Car, So My Grandma Asked To Sit In The Back With Him. The Whole Car Ride All I Heard Was “It’s Okay, We’re Almost There Brave Boy”

#26 So Incredibly Wholesome

#27 My Mom Is A Nurse Practitioner And She Has Been On The Front Lines Of A Covid Unit Since March. She Just Got This Shirt. I Haven’t Seen Her Light Up Like That In Months

#28 In Japan, These Grandparents Didn’t Want Kids To Feel Lonely While Waiting For The Bus. So They Made A Life-Size Version Of Totoro, A Famous Cartoon Character, At The Bus Stop

#29 Made Me Smile

#30 Homeless Man Leaves A Donation For Oregon Historical Society After They Got Vandalized During Riots