We all have some sweet and amazing memories linked with jigsaw puzzles. And it’s only because this game is perfect to spend some quality time with our friends and family. One thing that almost kept us glued with this fantastic game was its types. Since there were so many types of jigsaw puzzles available in the market, we couldn’t get bored of it.

But the jigsaw puzzles that we have found here will BLOW YOUR MIND! Why are we saying so? It’s because they are almost impossible to complete. These puzzles are challenging, they are difficult, and they are very confusing. However, if you still think that you can complete them, just scroll down and think again!

1. A totally red ketchup puzzle from Heinz

2. A transparent puzzle that will give you no color or pattern clues

3. A puzzle that recreates The New York Times front page of your choice

4. A Where’s Waldo puzzle that’ll make you want to rub your eyes

5. A Where’s Waldo on the Beach puzzle that doesn’t look any easier than the previous one

6. A 1000 piece circular puzzle with a gradient rainbow

7. A 1000 piece space puzzle with lots of detail

8. A 13-hour puzzle for true meat lovers

9. A geode puzzle with intricate pieces that will challenge your brain

10. A wooden circular night sky puzzle with a view of the Milky Way

11. This puzzle shows a group of people doing yoga on a lawn, but assembling it may not be that soothing.

12. A galaxy puzzle with infinite combinations and quirky-shaped pieces

13. A stylish circular polka dot puzzle that looks satisfying when it’s assembled.

14. A totally black puzzle with a fiber-like print

15. This puzzle shows a vintage map of London with every street and house on it.

16. And this gradient puzzle of the full moon will be a nice decoration for your home.