Giving birth to a life is such a beautiful process that is very personal for each individual.  Birth photographers named “Birth Becomes Her” tries to highlight the process of giving birth by hosting a yearly contest for birth photography.

The founders, Monet Moutrie and Jennifer Mason started this context back in 2016 and had very few entries in the first year. Each year, the entries that came in increased. And, this year, 1,200 entries came in from all over the world to participate in the context. Below, are some pictures that received the first few positions in the context. Scroll down to see the most beautiful bonds between a mother, the child and their families.

3rd place, postpartum

3rd place, black and white

3rd place, color

3rd place, out of hospital

3rd place, hospital

2nd place, postpartum

2nd place, black and white

2nd place, color

2nd place, out of hospital

1st place, postpartum

1st place, black and white

1st place, color

1st place, out of hospital

3rd place overall

1st place overall