Hospitals do not seem to be a place where you would meet dignified sir of noble blood. UC San Francisco is one place where you can get a chance to neet feline variety.

Duke Ellington Morris is a cat that you might meet for the first time. It is a therapy cat who visits the hospital to meet patients in the ICU. Duke serves the ICU section in the UC San Francisco. Ever since his birth, he was adopted by Isa and her mother Jennifer. And from then onwards he has been blessing patients with his presence.

San Francisco SPCA’s Animal Assisted Therapy Program approved this respectable feline as a member and he has been calming patients ever since.

Elizabeth Fernandez, the senior public information representative at UCSF, had the following to say about Duke:

“He’s an absolutely lovely, lovely cat.
He’s so patient.
I’ve watched him in action a number of times and he’s given such consolation to our patients, and to our staff.”

He is the only cat who is part of the program.


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