Aah, pets! They grow up so fast (so freaking fast). It’s like we blink our eyes once and our cute little furry friend becomes a big doggo. Sometimes this transformation is so quick and fast that it seems that we are dreaming. But hopefully, we are not alone. There are many other pet parents out there who are going through the same thing. 

Just like us, even they can’t believe their eyes seeing the quick and amazing transformation. And some of them have walked a few extra miles to show the world how quick dogs grow. They have recreated a before and after picture with their furry friends. Scroll down to see the amazing pictures of dogs growing up next to their owners. And keep an eye on your furry friend as well. Who knows he might become a sophisticated K9 by the time you finished reading this post. (Wink-Wink)

#1 Before And After Deployment

#2 Father, Daughter, And Pets Take The Same Photo For 10 Years, And It’s Bizarre How Little Things Actually Change

#3 20 Years Later And Still Going Strong

#4 6 Weeks Vs. 6 Months

#5 14 Years And A Lot Of Grey Hairs Later

#6 Once The Boss, Always The Boss

#7 Before And After. That’s Like Having A Pet Bear

#8 8 Weeks To 8 Months

#9 Exactly 12 Years Apart

#10 12 Weeks Apart

#11 11 Years Apart

#12 Let’s Grow Up Together, Friend

#13 My Boy Lucky Was There For My First Day Of Kindergarten And My Senior Portrait

#14 Veterinarian Caring For The Same Dog 15 Years Apart

#15 3 – 6 – 9 – 12 Months With My Little Girl

#16 “I Want To Sleep On You Hooman”

#17 8 Weeks To 5 Months! The Same Mummy And The Same Car, Just Slightly Bigger Winston

#18 We Are Both Still In Camo 2 Years Later

#19 14 Years Later And We’re Still Inseparable Even Though I’m A Grown Up And He’s Slowing Down

#20 Puppy Progression. Golden Doodle Puppy To Brown Bear 9 Months

#21 Growing Together

#22 Puppy Grows Into Small Horse In 9 Months

#23 My Little Bro And Eli The Poodle, On His First And Last Day Of National Guard. 6 Years Apart

#24 Then And Now. Growing Up Together

#25 Still A Pupper At Heart

#26 My Little Brother And His Dog Domino 10 Years Apart

#27 Here’s My Brother’s Dog, Moose The Pyrenees, On The Day That I Brought Him Home And Then A Year Later. I’m 6’4″ For Scale

#28 Jub Jub Before And After

#29 14 Years Later

#30 Sigurd, 1 Year Old Now!